Action at last

It seems there is to be action at last on Whisstocks site, with demolition beginning this week. Virtually all the planning hurdles are now overcome, with the developer, the SCDC and Woodbridge Town Council all keen to press on with the project.

While we have had to wait for judicial and council procedures to be completed, the Woodbridge Riverside Trust team has not been idle.

In the next few weeks, we will roll out our new website, setting out our plans for the future, and how everyone in the community can help shape what now happens at Whisstocks.

Our Anglo Saxon ship research team has just returned from visiting Viking ship experts at Roskilde in Denmark, and are continuing our on-going discussions with experts and community boat builders on the proposed construction of a full size working replica of the Anglo Saxon ship.

Meanwhile, working alongside volunteers at Suttton Hoo, the half size Anglo Saxon ship replica, the Sae Wylfing, has begun a programme of public visits.